Powerball isn’t just being played in the US! New Zealand has an exciting version of the game called NZ Powerball.

Powerball made its debut in New Zealand in 2001. While it does share a name with its American counterpart, the rules of New Zealand Powerball are different. So are the rewards, but we can promise you one thing – they still make the game worth testing out.

The NZ Powerball lotto is organized by Lotto New Zealand – the official games of luck operator in the country. Lotto New Zealand is a Crown entity, and as such, it’s regulated by the national legislative framework. You can rest assured that Powerball, just like all the other games in the Lotto New Zealand portfolio, is entirely legitimate.

If you’re wondering how does NZ Lotto Powerball work, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s check out the most critical aspects of the game in the following review.

How to Play NZ Powerball

First, we need to answer the question of how many numbers in Powerball NZ need to be played.

Powerball offers a combination of the traditional Lotto numbers (from the main drawing) plus an additional Powerball that falls in the range from one to 10.

Thus, you need a winning Lotto line and the correct Powerball number to claim an even bigger reward.

Keep in mind that when playing, a minimum of four Powerball numbers will have to be selected. The cost is 0.80 dollars per line. This means that the same ticket could entitle you to both Lotto and NZ Powerball prizes.

Players have two options when playing NZ Powerball. One is opting for numbers of preference. The second possibility is called Dip. In that case, the lottery software system will be the one responsible for randomly assigning numbers to a ticket.

As you can see, the methodology of gameplay is entirely different from what the US Powerball has to offer. The New Zealand version of the game is unique, but it does come with great prize amounts for the big winners.

So to sum things up, you can play Lotto individually, or you can enable the Powerball option on your ticket for a two-in-one play. Playing NZ Powerball separately is not possible because the main numbers are tied to the Lotto draw.

Lotto drawings take place two times per week, and the same holds for NZ Powerball. Drawings are televised and broadcast live at shortly after 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday.

Players can decide whether they want to visit a store and get a physical copy of their Powerball ticket or play online. Lotto New Zealand has a well-developed online ticket buying portal that also simplifies the process of claiming prizes.

Anyone who is currently on the territory of New Zealand has the right to test out their luck. Local lotteries are very common among visitors and tourists who often snatch juicy prizes.

NZ Powerball Prizes and Rewards

Now that you know how to play Powerball, it’s time to check out what could be won through the game.

Powerball has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of four million dollars. Previously, the sum was just one million, but that changed due to the popularity of the game.

To win the top prize, you need to match the main Lotto numbers and the Powerball number. The odds of this happening are one in 38,383,800.

If there is no winner for a respective drawing, the sum will roll over towards the next one. Since 2017, Powerball has a jackpot cap of 50 million dollars. Whenever the sum is reached, a “must be won” drawing takes place. The drawing has different rules from regular gameplay. If there is no jackpot winner, the accumulated amount rolls down and is distributed among the tier two winners.

Apart from the jackpot, NZ Powerball has six additional prize tiers that range in size from slightly over 37,000 dollars (on the average) to 15 dollars + 4 bonus lines (a fixed prize).

Prize claim procedures are outlines and detailed on the Lotto New Zealand website, and you can also call their hotline to find out more about the specifics. Generally speaking, those who buy tickets online have it easiest. Sums will be cashed to their online account unless they have won the jackpot.

Anyone who wins more than 1,000 dollars will need to claim their prize in person and after filling out a prize claim form.

Regardless of the size of the prize, players have 12 months from the date of the drawing to come forward and make their award claim.

Checking the NZ Powerball Results

Would you want to know who won Powerball NZ? Are you interested in the latest NZ Powerball results? There are several possibilities for getting access to information.

For a start, you can watch the live drawing of the winning numbers on national TV. That’s the most immediate opportunity, but if you miss the drawing, the results will also be presented on the Lotto New Zealand official website.

Those who play online do not have to worry about checking the New Zealand Powerball results. Winners will get an automatic notification by email that they’ve received a reward from a particular drawing. After the notification is sent, a smaller sum will be credited immediately to the player’s account.

We’re also committed to providing access to regularly updated New Zealand Powerball result information.

Our team publishes the latest numbers as soon as a drawing takes place. We also maintain a precise results archive for Powerball and other lotteries from New Zealand. If you need to check past drawings for reference purposes, you have come to the right place.

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