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Lotto New Zealand’s flagship game has such a long history! Originating back in 1987, it has maintained its popularity over the decades.

Every single NZ Lotto draw is a celebration, and while the game doesn’t produce the biggest prizes in New Zealand, Lotto is still worth giving a try to. Several characteristics like the low ticket prices and the relatively good odds make it a suitable choice for those who want to test their luck.

Additionally, Lotto brags a couple of add-on games and opportunities players can easily activate to optimize their wins. So, let’s check out how does NZ Lotto work, what its prizes are, and what are the other essential tips players need to keep in mind.

How to Play NZ Lotto

When is Lotto NZ drawn, for a start? There’s one weekly drawing that takes place on Saturday night and one on Wednesday. The draw is televised and broadcast live at 8 p.m.

In the main game, players have to select six NZ Lotto numbers from a pool of 40. The current cost of a single entry into the game is 0.7 dollars. Initially, the price of Lotto tickets was 0.5 dollars, but the amount had to be increased to give players access to bigger prizes.

Players can select their own set of numbers, or they can have the machine at the retail venue randomly generate a six-digit selection for them through the Lotto Dip feature.

Apart from playing the main Lotto game, it’s also essential to determine if add-ons are going to be activated.

Lotto Strike is one such add-on that was introduced in 1993. The activation of Lotto Strike costs an additional dollar. Players add four new numbers to their Lotto ticket. The objective is to match three numbers in the exact order with the first ones being selected during the respective Lotto drawing.

So, we now have to answer an important additional question, and that is who can play NZ Lotto.

Players have to be aged at least 18 to participate. Lotto New Zealand does not discriminate between residents and country visitors. Recent media reports suggest that tourists from all parts of the world have won millions from the lottery during their stay in New Zealand.

Tickets for the lottery can be bought in a couple of ways.

Please keep in mind that while Covid-19 social distancing lasts, New Zealand lottery tickets can only be acquired online!

Online ticket buying is possible through the official lottery website and the NZ Lotto app.

Retail stores and authorized agencies can also be visited for the in-person acquisition of a ticket. There’s an extensive network of venues throughout New Zealand, so you’ll find it easy to identify at least one operating nearby.

NZ Lotto Prizes and Payouts

Now that we’ve examined what time is NZ Lotto drawn and how much are Lotto tickets in NZ let’s check out the prizes and payouts.

Lotto comes with a guaranteed jackpot of one million dollars for each drawing. The odds of matching all six numbers for the drawing are 1 in 3,838,380 – much more favorable than what some other national lotteries have to offer.

If there’s more than one winner, the jackpot amount is divided equally among all who are lucky enough.

Apart from the jackpot, there are six additional prize tiers. The lowest prize is four bonus lines, and while it’s not monetary, it’s a fun little perk. On top of that, the odds of winning the smallest prize are one in 35, which is pretty good in itself.

The Strike has a minimum guaranteed top prize of 100,000 dollars per drawing, and it goes up until it’s eventually won. The most significant amount that the Strike jackpot can reach is 700,000 dollars.

If you’re wondering where to collect Lotto winnings NZ, we’ve got you covered on that topic, as well.

Players have 12 months from the date of the drawing to come forward and make their claim.

Any prize that’s lower than 1,000 dollars can be claimed at the authorized retail venues throughout New Zealand. The payout is immediate after the validity of the winning ticket is established.

For more massive prizes, a claim form will have to be filled out to meet governmental guidelines for the payment. Larger amounts are typically processed and handed over to the winner within seven to 10 business days of making a claim.

Anyone who buys a ticket online will benefit from a much faster processing period and a streamlined payout process.

Keep in mind that money received from a lottery game in New Zealand is not subjected to any form of taxation.

Checking the Latest NZ Lotto Results

So, do you want to know who won NZ Lotto? There are a few reliable ways to find out.

The first and the most obvious choice for getting NZ Lotto results today is watching the televised drawing. It takes place in the evening on national TV, providing you with an opportunity for immediate awareness.

Information about the lucky numbers is also available on the official Lotto New Zealand website, as well as through the app that players can use to make their ticket purchases.

You can also find out the latest results when you visit the retail venues, also giving you a chance to cash out a prize immediately.

We can also provide you with information about NZ Lotto results. Our team updates the latest numbers as soon as these get drawn. Also, we have an extensive results archive for this game and other popular New Zealand lotteries. Such information can be used to identify hot and cold numbers, improving your chances of winning in the future.

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