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Lotto NZ Results – Special Notice

Lotto NZ Results is a one-stop-shop for all your informational needs related to New Zealand lotteries. We work hard to improve and enrichen the content that we publish continually. As avid lottery enthusiasts, we believe that all fans of games of luck deserve unbiased and detailed information.

To make our services usable and ensure their quality, we need to state that we’re never going to contact our site visitors or sent out unsolicited messages. We are also fully committed to protecting the personal information shared with us via the contact form.

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If you receive any communication request from an entity presenting itself as Lotto NZ Results, please let us know. Most often, such requests will be made by fraudulent or even criminal entities in an attempt to tarnish our name or make malicious use of it. In such instances, the team will undertake immediate actions to protect you and our brand.

Thank you!

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